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Valleys cast dark shadows,             
The mountains bathe in light.          
Eagles soar above them                 
Majestic in their flight.
Borne by thermal currents,             
They spread their mighty wings;
Eyes alert and searching,                      
On high their reign begins.  
Spread your wings like eagles,         
Above earth's dark domain;               
God has sent His Spirit,                       
In faith we rise again.                


This site is dedicated to making the inspirational Christian poetry of Neil Johnson available to those seeking guidance in prayer, worship and Bible study.


Neil Johnson is a retired police officer living in Perth, Western Australia. He has been a Christian since 1968 and has fellowshipped at various churches throughout the State since then. He became a keen Bible student and lay preacher before medical problems led him into a writing and teaching ministry, compiling articles for church bulletins and Bible studies.

In 1997 he started writing poetry and in 1998 published his first book of Christian poetry entitled THE SECOND MILE. The book was well received and this led him to publish his second work, THE WAY AHEAD, in 2000.

2002 saw a change in direction with the publication of TAKE YOUR PLACE, a resource handbook based on the book of Hebrews, with verse in each section leading into the subject.


The Author's Latest Book
Available by mail order for USD9.95 Plus P & H


Neil Johnson PO Box 700 South Perth WA 6951 Australia